So I have finally set up my blog on various things that I am interested in and that are roughly related to my work. In the near future, you should be able to read here about topics ranging from foundations of mathematics to text editors. Possible subjects include the following:

  • category theory
  • logic
  • type theory
  • set theory
  • functional programming
  • functional reactive programming
  • dependent types
  • TeX
  • Vim
  • Unicode

Keep reading and please comment if you wish.

9 comments on “Introduction

  1. Hugo Estrada says:

    Do you have an rss feed somewhere? I want to add your blog to my aggregation, but I can’t seem to find it.

  2. mekeor says:

    apart from vim (i use emacs), we share the same interests but with the important difference that i am just interested in those things but i’m still very nooby in those fields (i’m a teenager). so, your blog perfectly fits into my interests; i’m going to learn a bunch from you! thanks for your nice blog =]

  3. mekeor says:

    may i ask you for a blog post about an general introduction to type theory (and it’s notation)? i’m already familiar with haskell (and i also know a dependently-typed functional programming language called Idris) but i want to learn more about the mathematics beyond the type system of those languages. at least, can you suggest me some literature?

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