ucs 2.1 soon to appear on CTAN

I have just uploaded version 2.1 of the LaTeX ucs package to CTAN, so it should appear there within the next few days. Some small bugs have been fixed, and mappings for several characters, mostly musical notes and special arrows, have been added. A big thank you goes to Ralf Meyer, who has contributed considerably to this release.

I am always happy to receive bug reports, wishlists, and contributions. Just get in touch with me.

4 thoughts on “ucs 2.1 soon to appear on CTAN

  1. Emilio

    Dear Wolfgang,

    first of all, thank you very much for your work on the ucs package.

    As of today, biblatex is incompatible with ucs, but I cannot really understand why, given that it should not interfere with the bibliography facilities.

    Do you think this issue could be solved?


    1. Wolfgang Jeltsch Post author

      Hi Emilio,

      thank you for your interest in ucs.

      Unfortunately, I’m not using BibLaTeX myself and don’t really understand what the problem of ucs in conjunction with BibLaTeX is. Could you maybe explain what exactly you mean by “non-expandable scanner of ucs”, and what actions BibLaTeX performs that are incompatible with ucs? I would really like to fix these issues, but would like to receive some assistence in spotting the source of the problem.

      All the best,



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