Hyperreal numbers on Estonian TV

On 13 February, I talked about hyperreal numbers in the Theory Lunch. I have not yet managed to write a blog article about this, but my notes on the whiteboard have already been featured on Estonian TV.

The background is that the head of the Software Department of the Institute of Cybernetics, Ahto Kalja, recently received the Order of the White Star, 4th class from the President of Estonia. On this account, Estonian TV conducted an interview with him, during which they recorded also parts of my notes that were still present on the whiteboard in our coffee room.

You can watch the video online. The relevant part, which is about e-government, is from 18:14 to 21:18. I enjoyed it very much hearing Ahto Kalja’s colleague Arvo Ott talking about electronic tax returns and seeing some formula about limits immediately afterwards. 🙂 At 20:38, there is also some Haskell-like pseudocode.

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