Grapefruit updated

Yesterday, I updated the Grapefruit FRP library once again, this time to make it compatible with GHC 7.8. The new version is To install or update, you can use the following commands:

cabal update
cabal install grapefruit-ui-gtk grapefruit-examples

Many thanks to Samuel Gélineau for providing several patches. (By the way, Samuel maintains an interesting page that compares different FRP libraries, the FRP Zoo.)

Grapefruit 0.1 is actually a phase-out model, which I only update to work with newer GHC versions. However, I am working on a new Grapefruit. This will be based on my research about FRP semantics and will be quite different from the old one. I expect that the sound theoretical foundation will lead to a more powerful library with a more sensible interface. One particular new feature will be integration of side effects into FRP, in a purely functional style.

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