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ucs 2.1 soon to appear on CTAN

I have just uploaded version 2.1 of the LaTeX ucs package to CTAN, so it should appear there within the next few days. Some small bugs have been fixed, and mappings for several characters, mostly musical notes and special arrows, have been added. A big thank you goes to Ralf Meyer, who has contributed considerably to this release. Continue reading

New release of the ucs LaTeX package

The ucs package provides advanced support for using UTF-8 as the input encoding of LaTeX files. It goes much beyond the standard UTF-8 support of LaTeX. In particular, it enables you to use non-ASCII characters in the LaTeX input of mathematical formulas. This feature is particularly important for Agda programmers that use lhs2TeX to typeset their code. The lhs2TeX preprocessor relies on ucs for typesetting all those mathematical symbols and greek letters that you typically find in Agda code.

The ucs package was originally developed by Dominique Unruh. Dominique had stopped working on ucs several years ago. In 2011, I took over the maintainer role. Now, I have made a new release – which is the first ucs release since 7.5 years. The current version is 2.0. At the time of writing, it is available on CTAN and in TeXLive. Continue reading