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I’m passionate about functional programming, logic, type theory, category theory, and more.

Registration for Haskell in Leipzig 2017 is open

Haskell in Leipzig 2017 opened its gates for everyone interested in Haskell and generally functional programming. Expect a great day of talks, tutorials, and a performance with a focus on FRP, followed by a Hackathon. Register early and get your ticket at a reduced rate. Looking forward to meeting you in Leipzig. Continue reading

Haskell in Leipzig 2017 submission deadline ahead

Let me remind you that the submission deadline of Haskell in Leipzig 2017 is this Friday. We seek abstracts of about 2 pages length on anything related to Haskell. Looking forward to your contributions. 😉 Continue reading

Generic programming in Haskell

Generic programming is a powerful way to define a function that works in an analogous way for a class of types. In this article, I describe the latest approach to generic programming that is implemented in GHC. This approach goes back to the paper A Generic Deriving Mechanism for Haskell by José Pedro Magalhães, Atze Dijkstra, Johan Jeuring, and Andres Löh. Continue reading